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Vaccinated man contracts Measles

Vaccinated man contracts Measles…

vaccinated men
vaccinated men

Following an outbreak of Measles in mid-February there has been 7 diagnosed cases according to the Directorate of Health. The latest is a 23-year old in Reykjavík who is reported to have a minor infection.

Vaccinated man contracts Measles…

The latest to have contracted the Measles was vaccinated at the age of 12, and although rare. It is still possible to contract the virus after vaccination.

He has been in contact with another infected individual and showed symptoms 10 days later; he is not contagious and had been quarantined for four days.

After vaccination it is normal to show some of the Measles symptoms according to the Directorate of Health website.

In this circumstance it is rare to require further testing and that doctors should advise on how to continue. If any action is required at all.

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