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Anti-terrorist raid: arrested in 20. They organized attacks

Twenty people were arrested聽this Wednesday聽by the Danish police as part of an anti-terrorist operation

According to the first rumors, they would have been found in possession of explosives and would have tried to buy weapons, to carry out attacks of Islamic matrix.

The police did not specify the potential targets or if the threat was imminent.聽“The police raided 20 addresses, arresting 20 people, who had both the intention and the ability to commit a terrorist attack,” an聽intelligence聽official said.

Suspects will appear before a judge this Thursday聽.聽The hearings will be held behind closed doors.

On February 14, 2015, Copenhagen was hit by two attacks, one against a press freedom conference and the other against a synagogue, where two people died.聽The author of the attacks, later killed by the police, was a 22-year-old Danish of Palestinian origin, who had sworn allegiance to the self-proclaimed Islamic state.

In 2017, a 17-year-old Danish girl was instead convicted on appeal for eight years in prison because she was planning two attacks, one against her old school and the other against the Jewish institute in Copenhagen.

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