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The United States is deploying the carrier Abraham Lincoln
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The US deploy aircraft carriers and fighter-bomber

Threats from Iran and the United States is deploying the carrier Abraham Lincoln and a fighter-bomber to Us Central Command

An area that also includes the Middle East, to “send a clear and unequivocal message to the Iranian regime”: to “any attack on American interests “the US will respond with an” unstoppable force “. This was stated by Donald Trump’s national security advisor, John Bolton. “The United States is not looking for a war with the Iranian regime, but they are ready to respond to any attack,” says Bolton.

America USS Abraham Lincoln
USS Abraham Lincoln

The American deployment is in response to several “worrying indications and warnings” from Iran, says Bolton. The decision came after a confrontation at higher levels of the administration over the weekend and represents for the United States a significant deployment of forces in an area, the Middle East, from which the US gradually withdrew.

According to administration officials, new intelligence information on Iran’s advanced threats has alarmed the White House and triggered the deployment. The nature of the threats is not clear but it is possible that there are indications of possible moves by Iranian groups against American interests.

Threats from Iran. US deploy the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)

Threats from Iran, The United States is deploying the carrier Abraham Lincoln
fighter-bomber on USS Abraham Lincoln

Furthermore, according to the Axios website, Trump is preparing to announce new sanctions against Iran that could be announced on Wednesday, that is to say, coinciding with the anniversary of the United States leaving the nuclear agreement with Tehran. The sanctions will hit a new sector of the economy that is not energy.

The announcement by national security adviser John Bolton: “We do not want war but we are ready to respond to any attack”

Iran, the United States against revolutionary guards: “They are terrorists”. Ira of Tehran

“The use of terrorism – reads another post – is fundamental for the Iranian regime’s foreign policy. The designation will help to deprive the regime of the means to implement this destructive policy. The maximum pressure will be inexorable until the Iranian regime abandons his deadly ambitions “.

This is the first time that an organization “part of a foreign government” is blacklisted in terrorism, US President Donald Trump said in a statement, adding that this measure will increase “pressure” on Iran.

Tehran’s reply was not long in coming. State television has declared the US decision as illegal and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has proposed to the National Security Council to include US forces in the region on the list of terrorist organizations.

Concept reinforced by the commander of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari: “US forces” in Western Asia
they will lose peace and tranquility “.

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