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Iceland, the top fashion travel 2019

Iceland is on top fashion travel in 2019. Northern Europe is increasingly the protagonist in the agency.

From alternative destinations, almost niche, Scandinavia and the Baltic Republics have jumped in a few seasons among the most popular, almost fashionable destinations. Cool, in every sense. If until recently the Nordic countries were perceived as a predominantly summer destination due to the midnight sun, the novelty is that they are increasingly in demand even in winter, especially due to the boom in travel to see the northern lights and possibility of living experiences in contact with nature.

Abandoned plane wreck at Sólheimasandur. Today its carcass is still there where it crashed 40 years ago, and even if to get there you have to take a walk it is a very popular place. It seems to be one of Iceland's most popular attractions: everyone wants to go, especially taking pictures and videos.

Consider that it is not easy to reach it: it is literally in the middle of nowhere, about 3-4 km from Hringvegur that require a long walk. This is a place considered top fashion travel in Iceland.
Airplane Aurora, Iceland

The Norwegian fjords remain the favorite destination of many. The most popular formula? Obviously cruises, which allow you to see even more countries while keeping costs down.

Thanks to the effect Throne of Swords, for some seasons in the agencies there has been a real boom in Iceland, also because, they add, “it is a destination that has a very short season, where DIY is almost impossible for the difficulty finding accommodation. First the classic tour of Iceland was very popular, but because of the high prices, the demand now focuses mainly on Reykjavik with day trips “.

Iceland is a fabulous and wonderful destination, for this climbing to top of the fashion travel destination, but there is a small detail that often makes those who want to explore desist: it is very expensive. Sometimes too much. But nothing is impossible and, with some simple precautions, you can save money while enjoying a wonderful holiday: here are some tips to visit the island of ice with a low-cost trip.

The cost of living in Iceland is much higher than in many other European destinations and also in Italy: both for accommodation and meals, finding an economic alternative can be difficult. But there are some tricks that will allow those who are more adventurous to visit the land of ice and fire and save.

Low cost flights to Iceland

Those who want to save money and have time available can choose a flight with a stopover with one of the major low cost airlines: Easyjet flies to Reykjavik from London and other European cities.

Stay in Iceland for little money

The cost for housing in Iceland is quite high. There are few hotels and, during the high season, they quickly run out of available rooms. But there are other accommodation options at lower prices than hotels.

Farms and guesthouses in Iceland

Farms and guesthouses are the best solution for those who want good value for money, without giving up the comfort of a room. This type of accommodation is taken by tourists during the summer, so it is best to book in advance to secure a room. If you want to stay on a farm, choose one that offers breakfast included in the room price: you can enjoy fresh local produce.

In Iceland on a camping trip

If you visit Iceland in the summer months and are ready for an adventurous vacation you can choose to stay in the numerous campsites, scattered throughout the island. Most of the campsites are equipped with lawn pitches for tents, shared kitchen and bathrooms with showers and hot water, and some also have a laundry room. In Reykjavik you will find numerous rental services where you can get curtains, perfectly sanitized sleeping bags and even pots and stoves for cooking. If you are traveling with a tent, there is no need to book: the lawns where you can settle never fail!

Traveling by camper in Iceland: a low cost solution

There is another rather smart and adventurous way to halve the cost of accommodation and meals for a wonderful tour of Iceland in close contact with nature: renting a camper. Iceland is very organized for camping and the areas equipped for campers are numerous. Unlike those who sleep in tents, those who choose the camper will have to book their position in advance. Both at Keflavik airport and in Reykjavik you will find numerous car and camper rentals: compare the different companies and book in advance to find the lowest prices.

If you decide for a different solution from the hotel it is good to equip yourself better before you leave: a way to save in Iceland is also to limit shopping, especially not to buy expensive and technical clothing on site, bringing everything in your suitcase from the start .

Another valuable tip concerns cash: Iceland is very organized in terms of payments and credit cards can be used even for the lowest amounts. So avoid changing large amounts of money, especially in offices near the airport, where the exchange rate is usually disadvantageous.

Finally, an economic idea to enjoy a healthy and proper relaxation without spending on a luxury super spa: Iceland offers everything in nature and for free, just go to the numerous natural thermal pools that dot the land of ice. You can find thermal springs turned into wellness centers but also free swimming pools completely immersed in nature, where you can relax in the water at a temperature of about 38 ° C.

Top fashion travel for this year, a natural paradise awaits you, just don’t be caught unprepared and you will be able to enjoy all the wonders of Iceland, without spending a fortune.


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