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Bad weather in Venice, today the new peak of high tide

Mayor Brugnaro: planned well 160 centimeters above the average sea level. The city is still on its knees

The tide alert continues in Venice. On Sunday, 160 centimeters are expected above the average sea level. The city is still on its knees: the civic museums will be closed for the whole day. Due to the high tide also the Basilica of San Marco will remain closed, and the religious services scheduled for the morning will not be celebrated.

Today’s “will be a hard day” for Venice, says mayor Brugnaro, stressing that “the winds are decreasing, and the peak forecast by the 160 cm Center Sea is high but the one that destroyed the city on Tuesday was 187 cm “.

Record after 50 years

Record tides: similar events had been missing since 1872

In Venice the high water reached 187 centimeters on Tuesday, the 144 on Wednesday and 154 on Friday: these are exceptional tides. In fact, it was from 1872 that there were no two water events higher than 150 centimeters in the same year, least of all in the same week. And never since 1872 Venice had seen three tidal events greater than 140 centimeters in the same year. The Tide Forecasting Center of the Municipality reports this.

High water in Venice is alarm

Bad weather also affects Tuscany

As expected, the Arno rose above the first guard level in Florence, reaching 3.50 meters on the embankment, due to the rains that are affecting most of the Region since Saturday night. The same Arno reached the second level in Incisa-Figline. This is what we learn from the civil protection of the Metropolitan City and from the regional operations room. Overcome the first guard level, also the Bisenzio river in San Piero a Ponti.

The bad weather that is affecting Tuscany (orange alert over most of the territory) has mainly affected the Grosseto area south of the Maremma capital, between Orbetello, Manciano and Magliano. The flooded Albegna river has passed the second guard level and in some parts of the countryside, according to the regional civil protection hall, it has overflowed without reaching any dwellings. Also marked strong wind.

Venice tries to return to normal: today the schools had reopened

Clean and accessible buildings. Today the maximum peak is 110 centimeters around 13.20

Venice streets return to normal

Yesterday the tide stopped at 150 centimeters, flooding 69% of the city. A not insignificant peak, which however loses its consistency after the 187 centimeters recorded on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. Then another peak, this time at 154. One in a row at the other, of tides of this kind, they had never seen them before. Today, Monday, November 18, a maximum of 110/115 centimeters is expected at around 1.20 pm, the same values also expected for tomorrow, in the early afternoon around 3.00 pm The city and its inhabitants have already rolled up their sleeves for days, in the face of heavy damage. A devastated city on its knees, although these terms have perhaps been abused lately. From today, Venice tries to take back its destiny, starting to live again with a semblance of normality: this is how, for example, it takes up school activities in all institutions of every order and degree in the historic center, but also in the islands , in Lido and Pellestrina.

Accessible schools

Schools and kindergartens have been cleaned up, all of them are fit for use, except for the Santa Teresa school in Dorsoduro and the San Francesco alla Giudecca, where, as explained by the councilor for educational policies Paolo Romor, ยซrestoration operations are still ongoing after the extraordinary high water on Tuesday ยป

The volunteers

Even today the volunteers are at work on the island of Pellestrina to remedy the consequences of the exceptional sea storms that hit the island, causing enormous damage. It seems that Pellestrina is the area that has suffered the most: the accumulation of furniture, appliances, beds, sofas and objects destined for pulping is impressive outside the houses. Tuesday night the electric grids went out of use, all the houses went under water and no protection held up.

Volunteers offer help to save the possible
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