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Cabin glass

Glass cabin to eliminate stress in 72 hours

Eliminate stress! The project that involved them, entitled “The 72 Hour Cabin”

Eliminate stress! For three days, during daylight hours, they lit the fire, paddled in a canoe, swam and fished. At night, instead, they admired the starry sky from the roof of the glass cabins that housed them. The protagonists of this experience in contact with the most pristine nature of western Sweden, are five people from different countries, but all stressed by their work. The project that involved them, entitled “The 72 Hour Cabin” and conceived by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, had as objective to understand if such a type of holiday could influence their psychophysical well-being.

How eliminate stress

The experiment, at the end of the stay, brought the expected results: in the group, composed among others by a French taxi driver, a German police officer and a British television announcer, the stress level decreased by 70%, the blood pressure has dropped, anxiety has diminished and creativity has exploded. Hosting the participants was an uninhabited town of Dalsland, an area renowned for its idyllic mountains and dense forests, the endless plains and crystal-clear lakes, which is two hours away from Gothenburg, heading north. The five homes of wood and glass used for “The 72 Hour Cabin”, available today from May to September with three-day packages, are a project by Jeanna Berger and are located on the private island of Henriksholm, owned by her family. A jewel in the middle of Lake ร…nimmen, ideal for immersing yourself in undisturbed nature and forgetting stress.

Four more were added to the first cabins: two, very scenic, located near the Dalslands Activities center in Dals Lรฅnged near Steneby, where activities such as horse riding, kayaking and archery can be practiced. The others remain within the lush park Baldersnรคs on Lake Laxsjรถn.

But how to reach this corner of Sweden

You fly to Gothenburg, from there you can rent a car to get to Dalsland, or use the public train and bus service.

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