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phoenix northernlight

The northern lights turn into phoenix in the skies of Iceland

The lights of the northern lights gave birth to a wonderful show in the skies of Iceland, in fact they prepared to form a phoenix

phoenix northernlight

From the skies of Iceland come beautiful images of the Northern Lights , taken by the 64-year-old photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason , in Kaldarsel. Many, and always very beautiful, are the photos that show us this spectacular phenomenon from the northern skies , but this is quite particular. In Helgason’s photographs it is in fact evident how the lights of the northern lights have randomly arranged themselves to give life to a gigantic phoenix of green and yellow lights.

The incredible Northern Lights of Kaldarsel

The event blew away all its lucky spectators , including Helgason who said he saw this particular Northern Lights formation about an hour after he arrived in Kaldarsel. As soon as the show began, without thinking about it, he started taking pictures, giving us the opportunity to admire this fascinating and surprising show.

Helgason has indeed stated that “it is really a thrill to see the Northern Lights, especially when it creates wonderful shapes like these. I have to admit that I always get an adrenaline rush when the lights explode like that and this particular event was the best. “

phoenix in iceland

Again according to the photographer’s stories, it seems that the Arctic phenomenon was particularly intense that night , as in addition to red and blue, mainly the colors yellow and green appeared.

The meanings of the Northern Lights

Northern lights have always had great significance in Nordic cultures . Not only in the Norse one according to which the lights were the reflection of the shields and armor of the Valkyries, or the Bifrost bridge that led the heroes who died in battle in Valhalla; but also in many other cultures of Northern Europe and North America.

The indigenous Sami , in fact, believe that the lights of the northern lights are the spirits of the ancestors who return to visit their loved ones. While the Salteaus Indians in Canada and the Kwakiutl and Tlingit people of Alaska see the dances of men’s spirits in the lights of the dawn. Even for the Inuit of the Yukon the Lights represented a dance of spirits, but for them it was animals such as deer, seals, wolves, salmon and belugas.

The meaning of the phoenix

Given that this particular natural phenomenon has always been rich in meanings, could the fact that it assumed the shape of a phoenix be a positive sign? Or maybe it’s a dark omen? Or maybe it’s just a random combination of lights in which we wanted to find a shape known to us.

What is certain is that it is not the first time that such a figure appears in a natural event. Already in the eruption of Etna last May , the lava had drawn a lava phoenix in the night sky. A truly striking image that very reminiscent of the fire bird of Greek mythology.

Of course if this were to be a sign for sure it will be a good omen . The phoenix is ​​in fact the symbol of rebirth. The bird that is reborn from its ashes has always been associated with self-redemption and rebirth.

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