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The first highway recharge the moving vehicles, smart road

The trial started on the section that connects the city of Visby to the airport of the island of Gotland of 4.1 km, for a distance of 1.6 km

The Gotland Smart road is a 1.6 kilometer stretch, which the transport authority Trafikverke is building and testing. The aim is to make sure that electrically powered cars can keep full of energy or do it while they are traveling.

In recent years, the goal of many researchers and entrepreneurs has been to find aย solutionย so as not to run out of electric vehicles while driving for long distances and, among the many projects, this could lead the way to many of its kind, still In the dockyard.

Apparently theย Swedishย Government, in addition to being enthusiastic about the work plan, plans to supply this zero-emission dynamic charging system to two thousand kilometers of highways. Spending is over three billion euros, above all representing a last-generation green solution for Sweden.

The protagonist is the highway that connects the city of Visby to the 4.1 km Gotland airport, of which only 1.6 is the piece in question.

In particular, the mantle will be restructured and lanes will be created composed of an integrated system of induction plates, made ad hoc by the Israeli company Electreon Wirless. Each of these is placed next to each other to cover the stretch considered.

In essence, vehicles equipped with an induction charging system passing along the route (in this regard only certain buses, shuttles and electric trucks for heavy transport were selected for the tests), they can receive or recharge the accumulators.

The system is constantly connected and monitored to a central, to allow to calculate the amount of energy needed to be stored.

Jan Petterson, head of the STA program, said: “We, the Swedish transport administration, believe that electric roads are an important contribution to reducing CO 2 emissions caused by heavy transport.

Smart road

Demonstrating and evaluating new technical solutions for electrical routes is one of our most important steps in our long-term plan for a potential launch of electrified routes on the heavy road network in Sweden โ€.

The seasons and the climatic conditions will have an important role on the interested area; above all they will help improve and improve the impacted surface.

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