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Tourist Chinese in Lapland

More and more Chinese tourists in Finland

Chinese travelers’ favorite attractions include Lapland

The northernmost region in the country, and the Paljakka ski resort in Puolanka, a small town in central Finland with only 2,600 inhabitants.

About 200 Chinese tourists visited the resort last year, while in 2019 the number rose to 500. Given the small size of Paljakka, according to the broadcaster Yle, Chinese tourists arriving this year during the Christmas period will have to be divided. in eight groups and take turns visiting the resort.

According to Mika Puuronen, managing director of the North Finland Travels Company, which manages various hotels and ski slopes in Paljakka, the lack of beds in hotels represents the biggest challenge faced by the company, a problem which however the company is trying to pose remedy.

chinese turist

The Chinese “invade” the country of Santa Claus

The Chinese arrive in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland and the official city of Santa Claus.ย Indeed, more and more are coming: in the University of Lapland, 5,000 students are already attending the eight courses and exchange programs with the universities of the People’s Republic, and in the coming months – on the initiative of the government of Beijing – there will be it will also open a Confucius Institute for the diffusion of the Chinese language and culture.

The almond-eyed tourism in Rovaniemi is increasing at a dizzying rate, but not all of them arrive up here just to deposit the letter and place it on the knees of Saint Klaus, as did President Xi Jinping at the time of his last visit.ย It is not only the magic of Christmas that draws the Chinese up there in the snowy wastes: in the Arctic circle 13% of the oil and 30% of the natural gas still undiscovered are hidden.ย Apparently the Chinese point to this kind of gifts of nature.

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