Donald Trump on the verge of declaring war on Iran via Twitter

Tweet of the American president, ‘Never again threaten the US’

Rohani’s adviser undermines: “Threats to make us accept sanctions”. But General Hajilou promises a “devastating response”

“If Iran wants to fight this will be the official end of Iran”, writes Donald Trump on Twitter. “Never threaten the United States”, adds the American president. The warning comes after a rocket was launched in Baghdad’s Green Zone where the US embassy is located and many suspects fall on one of the Shiite militias supported by the Tehran regime.

Last week the US State Department, by an extraordinary decision, had ordered all non-essential personnel to leave the embassy in Baghdad and the US consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil. The move was motivated by the existence of a threat from Iran.

Iran will not start any conflict, but is ready to give a “devastating” response to any enemy aggression, replied General Ali Hajilou, commander of the Tehran army’s ground forces, during a military ceremony in the city of mianeh. “The products of our military scientists are very advanced, and today thanks to them we are self-sufficient in the military field.” Instead “the enemies of Islamic Iran are incapable of operations on the ground and for this they resort to the media war”, he added quoted by the agency Tasnim.

Donald Trump

“Don’t be fooled by Trump. He makes inconsistent statements and calls for heavy concessions to reduce the likelihood of a war in order to force us to accept sanctions for fear of war ”, Hesameddin Ashena, adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rohani, writes on Twitter. “Trump should know that the Iranians will resist the dilemma of war or sanctions and will try to resist all sanctions.”