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#sexual violence

Sexual abuse “It’s nice to talk about how to act”

Disproportionate sexual crimes have prompted schools to train others to deal with harassment. Preventing sexual crimes and violence has become part of everyday school life. There is an hour of health information at the Lehtikuuse school in Vantaa. The boys…

Man convicted of 14-year-old gross sexual abuse in Oulu

The Oulu District Court has condemned the 22-year-old Abdullhadi Barhum fortwo years and six months’ imprisonment for rape and gross sexual abuse.

Judgment on Sexual Crimes – Victim Under 10 years old

The District Court of Oulu has issued the first judgment on suspected sexual offenses in Oulu. 44-year-old Muso Asoev has been convicted of gross child sexual abuse and gross rape for three years and eight months of imprisonment.