Svart Glacier Hotel, on the glacier the eco-hotel looks like a spaceship

The Svart Glacier Hotel in Norway: at the moment there is only at the concept level the eco-hotel on the glacier that looks like a spaceship and produces more energy than it consumes.

This area of northern Norway, on the other hand, has long been the destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world

The Svart Glacier Hotel in Norway represents the new frontier in terms of eco-sustainable hotel facilities that are also able to integrate into the surrounding environment and, although it currently exists only at the concept level, within a few years it should become a reality by literally “landing” on the Svartisen, or the second largest glacier in the Scandinavian country, the one that looks more like a spaceship astronavicella modeled on that seen in “2001 – A Space Odyssey”.

In fact, inspired by what are the traditional wooden buildings of Norwegian fishermen, the Svart Glacier Hotel near Meløy (a small town in the county of Nordland) will have the main advantage of producing much more energy than the other little, it must be said – which instead will consume it. Let’s go then to find out what are the characteristics and above all the design philosophy of this concept developed by the important Snøhetta study and whose timeline would foresee at the moment that the structure can see the light already by the end of 2023.


The Svart Glacier Hotel (in Norwegian literally “black glacier”) will be located as mentioned in a truly enchanting glimpse of the Svartisen, whose name in turn refers to the fact that here the ice has a much darker color: this area of Northern Norway, on the other hand, has long been the destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world among routes suitable for all types of public and others that represent challenges for the most enterprising hikers.

And on the shores of a beautiful fjord (the Holandsfjorden) with the aurora borealis in the background should arise this hotel that, according to the creators, will be the first in the world “positive energy” developed at northern latitudes. The goal of what, according to the first design renderings, is a circular ring structure and that will be realized, among the various materials, also in wood (with here the “fiskehjell” are made, that is the houses used to dry the fish and the “ rorbue ”, that is to say the seasonal dwellings of fishermen) is that of having almost no environmental impact, so as to reduce energy consumption by more than 85% compared to other similar hotels.

How will it be possible to reach this goal? By resorting to geothermal wells for heating, coating the hotel with solar panels, positioning rooms and convivial places so as to better exploit the energy of the sun and finally also shaping the interiors to the use of recycled and non-polluting materials.

It will therefore be a totally green structure in the context of the Arctic Circle


In reality, the Svart Glacier Hotel at the foot of the glacier of the same name will therefore be a totally green structure which, in the context of the Arctic Circle, intends to harmonize perfectly with the surrounding environment, almost as if, apart from its futuristic structure, it had always been there: “We have thought of something that can restore more energy to the environment than it consumes, respecting the restrictions on the conservation of the flora and fauna of the site ”explained one of the founders of Snøhetta.

By limiting the use of traditional concrete as well as other materials such as steel to the maximum, the hotel will also be built with massive wooden pillars that will be buried for several meters, the Svart Glacier Hotel will be a sort of circular walkway that should house also a pier, the only way for guests to access it thanks to boats or kayaks.

The international architectural firm founded in Oslo in 1989 was commissioned by the Arctic Adventure of Norway to elaborate the aforementioned project which from the photos seems to be taken from a science fiction film and whose main coordinates are two: first not only that it was avant-garde but also in a certain sense paid homage to the “black glacier” of Nordland, also giving a boost to sustainable tourism and thus combining on one hand the attractiveness of this splendid corner of Norway and on the other the need to preserve it from the obvious consequences that tourism itself inevitably has on any pristine environment.

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