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Christian attacked by Muslims: “convert to Islam or die”

“convert to Islam or die”: a Christian tells of the aggression suffered in the streets of Norway. Roar Flottum said he was attacked in the street by four Muslim men in Trondheim, Norway on November 27th. He was subsequently held hostage where he suffered injuries…

Found in the ice The wolf-dog lived thousand years ago

Dogor, found in Eastern Siberia, near the Indigirka river Is the discovery of researchers from the Paleogenetics Center of the University of Stockholm. It is a puppy who died about 18 thousand years ago and is perfectly preserved. It is…

Denmark: profaned 80 tombstones in a Jewish cemetery

Meanwhile, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin sends a letter to Liliana Segre: “Horrified by threats” Over 80 tombstones were vandalized in a Jewish cemetery dating back to 1807 in Randers, a Danish town in Jutland. According to local newspaper Randers Amtsavis….