The largest sculpture museum in the world is here

The structure is a “habitable bridge” located within a natural park. It will leave you speechless.

Recently inaugurated, the largest sculpture museum in the world is destined to enchant travelers from all over the planet.

His name is “The Twist” and is the new exhibition space of the Kistefos Museum, located in Jevnaker, an hour from Oslo, Norway.

The building used as a museum presents itself in all its magnificence as a covered bridge, with large windows and a retaliation in the center, which makes it unique in its design.

The Twist

The Twist, extends for 60 meters on the Randselva river connecting the north side with the south side of the area.

Access from the south entrance allows you to cross a double height space with a wide view of the interior of the building, entering from the north instead, you will come to a panoramic space with a view of the old paper mill and the surrounding woodland landscape of Norway .

The project was carried out by the innovative Danish architectural firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and a few days after its presentation, it found innumerable consents.

A bit of a bridge, a bit of artwork, the museum has an exhibition space of 1000 square meters, ready to host exhibitions of contemporary art. The event Hodgkin and Creed – Inside Out was organized for the inauguration.


An exhibition that combined artists Howard Hodgkin and Martin Creed for the first time, a celebration of their dominant and common thinking that sees art as a framework to express the complex emotional lives of people.

The Kistefos museum, which is now enriched with this impressive structure, was founded in 1996 by the Norwegian businessman and art collector Christen Sveaas in the former headquarters of the family paper mill.

The space includes an industrial museum, exhibition galleries and a sculpture park that houses works by important international artists such as Tony Cragg, Anish Kapoor, Marc Quinn, Jeppe Hein, Philip King.

The Twist, in this context, is configured as the piece of the missing puzzle of this immense space dedicated to art and culture.

The bridge can be reached through a path in the middle of the woods and represents a natural extension of the already existing sculpture museum.

The goal, carried out by the architects of the BIG-Bjarke Ingels group, was to preserve the buildings and the industrial and natural heritage of the entire area, simultaneously celebrating Norwegian art and international influence.

This is a mission accomplished in an excellent way by the study that took care of the project and that left nothing to chance.

Today The Twist is one of the most interesting architectural projects on the planet, as well as being part of a rich cultural, artistic and industrial heritage of Norway.