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Sweden from social paradise becomes the hell of rapes

But can women say who it was?

Sweden has become an out-of-control country. Rape often unpunished, attacks, settlement of accounts. And there is also a government tissue that prohibits talking about this. A great many testimonies say it. Especially with regards to rape, you have to report it. Or to say that they were immigrants. The policy of open doors inaugurated by the left is producing its effects. All immigrants, almost all Muslims, do not want to adapt to Nordic customs and civilization. And the results are what they are. It could have been foreseen. But what could not be foreseen is that the authorities would have hidden the crimes of the Muslims. In the name of hospitality? Or the politically correct? Socialist premier Stefan Lofven is under attack from the center-right opposition. The sialists have done on public order and immigration. And Sweden is collapsing. Women no longer feel safe walking down the street.

The 007 Swedes warn that the number of violent extremists, especially extremists, living in Sweden has grown significantly in recent years.

Sweden, it is alarm for women’s freedom

And according to official sources, the number of sexual abuses has even tripled. Over half of the unemployed are not Swedish, the many students barely speak Swedish.

The right asks to change the reasons for granting residence permits and reception. To all these unsolved problems is added the risk of Islamic terrorism. The Swedish authorities say that terrorism is a real risk even in small municipalities. Returning to the rapes, in Uppsala, 80 percent of women say they are not sure. In four days there were four rapes in the Swedish university city. Cultural festivals, concerts, are the scenarios where rapists act. Conservative MP Josefin Malmqvist told the premier: “Stop the rapes. You’re disappointing women. ” And he announced that in 2018 there were 20 rapes a day. This year, so far, rapes are on the increase. In recent years, and this is the most serious thing, only 5 cases out of a hundred have been resolved. That is, those in which there was a conviction.

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