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crime in finland in saturday

Stabbing in Sörnäinen, Helsinki, Finland

The police are investigating the stabbing as a murderer

crime scene
crime scene

The police have not yet reached the suspect of a stabbing that occurred Saturday around 18.00 in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. However, the identity of the suspect is already known to the police.

The police are investigating the stabbing as a murder. According to the police, suspects are not at risk for third parties. The stabbing occurred on the Hämeentie in front of the R-kioski.

stabbing scene of crime, helsinki
scene of crime, helsinki

Several police patrols mobilized. When the police arrived on the scene, the bleeding victim lay on his foot pad. The victim was transported to a hospital where she continued to receive treatment for her injuries. The suspect escaped from the crime scene before the arrival of the patrols, which are pursuing him, says the investigative director, Reijo Enqvist, commissioner for the crimes in the bulletin.

At this stage, the police do not comment on the sex of the suspect or victim, nor do they communicate other information to them…

The police are aware of the traits of the author and
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