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Smart bus stop station in Sweden

Bus of the future, smart bus stop arrive in Sweden

In Sweden the stop is heated with lights against depression

Smart bus stop

In the town, where temperatures drop to -40 degrees below zero, waiting for the bus is not exactly a pleasure.

In Umea, in northern Sweden , 500 km north of Stockholm, bus stops are changing to become increasingly innovative and at the service of the citizen. In the town, where temperatures drop to -40 degrees below zero, waiting for the bus is not exactly a pleasure. True that fortunately in the North punctuality is not a problem, it remains that even two minutes to minus 40 are far too many.

That’s why the institutions have thought of these new warm and welcoming canopies , under which travelers can wait for their coach in the heat.

To realize them was an architecture firm from Eindhoven , Rombout Frieling lab that after the success of the experimentation could soon bring its “creature” to other freezing cities in the North Country.

Rombout Frieling Lab creates interactive Arctic bus stop

But not only the canopies . An electric company in the town has promoted a very interesting initiativephototherapy lights at bus stops to combat the depression of the inhabitants caused by the long lack of light during the Arctic winter.

In fact, at this time of the year, the city of Umea enjoys only four or five hours of light a day, it is extremely dark: the electricity company has therefore decided to fight the darkness by installing the so-called anti lights in 30 bus shelters -SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

The company’s chief executive said that the energy to power the lights comes from renewable sources and that the lights filter UV rays to avoid damage to the skin and eyes . Phototherapy (or heliotherapy) is one of the treatments used to treat disorders due to lack of light and to regulate the biological clock.

Technology and design in this smart stop

An anti-cold barrier and lights and sounds that warn of the arrival of the bus. In Umea, Sweden, these are the characteristics of the bus stations, where the bus shelter under which travelers wait for their coach to arrive is warm and welcoming, bright and functional. In the distant Nordic location, the temperature drops to 40 degrees below zero and a heated space is ideal for waiting, still, for your means of transport without freezing in the meantime. In an area measuring 18×5 meters, explains Wired, several wooden pods block the cold, while a light and sound system signals the arrival of the bus. To realize the super-canopy was an Eindhoven architecture studio, which after the success of the experimentation could soon bring its “creature”

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