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See the Swedish Vikings Begin in America

Vikings museum. Now in the Pacific Northwest and coming to Minneapolis in May.

The Vikings Begin exhibit in Seattle is open just a few more weeks, through April 14; then it moves to Minnesota to open at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Based on the latest research conducted on both historic and recent discoveries of Viking-era artifacts by Uppsala University in Sweden, this exhibit tells the story of the Vikings of early Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway)โ€”an intensely maritime society with a very close and important relationship to the sea.

vikings artefact history
vikings artefact history

Uppsala Universityโ€™s museum, Gustavianum, produced this exhibition with original artifacts, reconstructions and archaeological discoveries from early Viking Age society. These objects tell the story not only of the person buried with them, but also of the world they inhabited: its social and economic makeup, its religions and its culture. For more info, call the Nordic Museum at 206.789.5707 or see

means viking

Bold seafarers swept out of Scandinavia a millennium ago and terrorized and explored Europe, western Asia, and eastern Canada. They left us amazing artifacts.

From some 250 years most of the world fell prey to raiders called Vikings. Sailing from Scandinavia they terrorized and left their testimony in Europe, Asia and even North America. They dominated Russia and gave it its name, they crossed Atlantic 5 centuries before Columbus. They visited Constantinople, Greece, they sailed Volga. Even the names of the days came from Viking age gods – Thursday ( Thor’s day) or Friday (Frigg)

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