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secret location

Secret location in Norway where live people

Psycologist say that 385 children in Norway live at a secret location (address), so-called code 6 and 7, according to Kripos.

There must be more research on the consequences this has for the children.

Forest tunnel
Forest tunnel

In addition, a number of children live at a secret location under the direction of child welfare services, but these are not national numbers, according to P4.

Psychologist and subject manager Stian Tobiassen at the Stine Sofie Center believes that there is little knowledge in Norway about how such a life situation affects the children in the long run.

โ€œTheir entire lives are rigged around trying to avoid danger. We know the unpredictability from comparable situations that is creates an unhealthy life, over time,โ€ says Tobiassen.

He says these children are in many ways โ€˜on the runโ€™ in their own country.

โ€œThese are children who live with a potential danger in their everyday lives, and that one does not have the opportunity to protect in any other way than by withholding their identity,โ€ says the psychologist.

No identity
No identity

Children living in code 6 are children who are deprived of their childhood environment. He believes this can create challenges and strains that the children already have become more difficult.

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