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Denmark’s richest man loses three children in Sri Lanka

Denmark‘s richest man has lost three of his four children in terror attacks across Sri Lanka.

A spokesperson confirmed the news on behalf of Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife following the Sunday attacks. The family was on holiday in Sri Lanka when the explosions went off at churches and luxury hotels.

The richest man
Owner of fashion firm

A string of bombings at churches and luxury hotels across Sri Lanka killed 290 people and wounded about 500 in Sundayโ€™s attacks. A senior investigator said on Monday that seven suicide bombers had taken part in the attacks.

Povlsen (richest man) is the owner of fashion firm Bestseller, which includes brands like Vero Moda and Jack & Jones, and is the majority stakeholder in online retailer Asos while also holding a big stake in Zalando.

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