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How alcohol laws have contributed to life crime

Alcohol problem . . .

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The deaths in the hops began to rise sharply last year. Compared to 2017, growth was 25โ€“30 percent, according to the Crimean Preliminary Report of the Institute for Criminology and Justice Policy.

– The growth is huge, more than 20 killed more than in the second year, and in crime statistics this means an increase of over 30%. This does not go to the peak of normal annual variation, says University Researcher Martti Lehti from Crimea.

The mortality of women in homicide fell slightly, but the mortality of men almost doubled.

Last year, 91 people died as victims of homicides and 68 in others.

The growth of violence has continued at an accelerating pace in the early part of the year.

Growth is a mystery

The number of homicides has been falling for a long time, and the causes of rapid growth are still hidden. Whenever alcohol-related violence grows so sharply and getting alcohol is easier, the question arises as to whether these things should be connected.

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Total alcohol consumption grew only 0.6 percent last year . Strong beers, ciders and long drinks came to grocery stores early last year.

– Although the overall increase in alcohol consumption has been moderate, consumption may have increased more in the high-risk group of violence, he says.

However, according to him, crimes and their perpetrators must be examined more closely before definitive conclusions can be drawn. It is also premature to say whether, for some reason, the number of homicides is turning to a more permanent rise.

The connection between the availability of alcohol and the number of homicides is also supported by a study published last year in Crimea, which investigated fluctuations in life sciences and alcohol consumption from the beginning of the 19th century to the early 2000s.

It was found that whenever the total consumption of alcohol has risen, the number of homicides has also risen.

There have been drastic increases in the number of homicides, such as the reduction of alcohol tax, in 2004. The consumption of alcohol then increased by 10%.

When the middle coles came to the grocery stores in 1969, alcohol consumption grew by almost 40 percent.

The edge drips faster

As total alcohol consumption increases, all consumer groups increase their consumption. Especially for large consumers, even the slightest change can be dramatic.

– The edge drips faster. Although consumption growth would be small, it is worrying especially for large consumers. Many large consumers are dependent on alcohol and, as availability increases significantly, more alcohol is consumed, says CEO Olavi Kaukonen from the A-Clinic Foundation.

The consumption of alcohol in Finland is well accumulated. Ten per cent of the population, or about half a million Finns, drink half of the alcohol consumed.

– Hate crimes accumulate and target a few tens of thousands of poor people with no future prospects in life, Kaukonen from the A-Clinic Foundation.

In his opinion, these people have not received much attention in Finland in recent years, even though the war has been discussed.

Borders are needed

Kaukonen criticizes the alcohol policy that facilitates the availability of it.

โ€œWhen an individual’s own responsibility for drinking is increased, it means that new people are coming into the group of poor people,โ€ Kaukonen explains.

Alcohol is not an equal killer. According to Kaukonen, low-income people are more likely to die from alcohol illness than high-income people, although both would drink equally.

In Kaukonen’s opinion, it would not be costly to break a Finnish cultural tradition of heavy drinking.

– By facilitating access to treatment and rehabilitation and preventing substance abuse, far more could be achieved, Kaukonen believes.

In the background ripple disputes

According to the Crimean investigations, in the event of a homicide, both the perpetrator and the victim are usually drunk of about two.

“It’s about the actions of native Finnish men who are native to Finnish men,” Krimon Martti Lehti says.

Authors are non-working middle-aged men. The hops are used to break the gaps and grab the kitchen knife with fatal consequences.

Last year, the growth of homicide was concentrated in Southern and Northern Finland. The homicides committed in hops in 2017 focused on Lapland, Central Finland and Kymenlaakso.

I was corrected on March 21, 2009, at 11:20 am: 91 people died last year as victims of homicide and 68 in others.

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