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Night King

Police Arrest The Night King of Game of Thrones

Norway, the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones just dropped and everyone’s more hyped than ever.

As the “thrones” frenzy is taking over the world, torturing every last soul who’s never seen the show, the fans of the series find different ways to enjoy and express themselves through it. A bunch of such fans could be found in Trondheim’s police department, where a couple of officers found a quite hilarious way to show their appreciation for Game of Thrones.

Some of us are big fans of Game of Thrones and wanted to do something fun for the premiere of the very last season.

The photographs show the Night King handcuffed and sitting in a cell, as well as posing for his mugshots.

Misdeeds like “animal cruelty” and “property damage” are listed under complaints, a reference to the infamous scenes from last season, where the Night King killed Dany’s dragon, reanimated him and used the newly-born ice dragon to destroy the Wall, an ancient 300-mile structure meant to protect the North from dangers beyond the wall, like wildlings and… well, ice zombies.

Night King
Night King

We bet citizens of Trondheim can sleep calmly knowing they are protected by such fierce officers who manage to subdue criminals as dangerous as the Night King. Oh, and perhaps they should expect a raven from Winterfell, as those preparing for the fight would probably like a few pointers.

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