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Diesel and total petrol block, scheduled dates

All on foot, by bicycle or by electric car. This is what Denmark and Holland would like with the proposal to ban cars with an endothermic engine in Europe.

The dates for the end of diesel, petrol and hybrid cars, first to 2030, then to 2040, then to 2050. All on foot, by bicycle or by electric car. This is what Denmark and Holland would like with the proposal to ban cars with an endothermic engine in Europe. The whole truth about the attempts (in vain) of good Europeans to reduce pollution. It’s all a bluff.

Cloud pollution sunset

Denmark declares war on petrol and diesel cars with a total block of sales (according to them) for cars with internal combustion engines aimed at reducing pollution (in Europe) which should take place at the new date, which was moved to 2040, 10 years later than the one announced (2030) last year by Danish Prime Minister Lars Lรธkke Rasmussen of the same nation.

Total block of diesel and petrol cars in Europe (according to Denmark)

According to the Minister for Climate and Energy Jorgensen, Denmark’s recipe for achieving this goal (reducing emissions by 40% in 2030 and making Europe a “neutral 2050 continent”) is that of the total blockage of diesel car sales , petrol and hybrids by 2040.

Proposal (always Danish) to block the sale of used cars

Also according to Denmark, European states should also work in unison to stop the so-called “carbon leakage” or block sales of used cars to Western Europe and eastern countries, ie in those countries like Lithuania, the Latvia, Slovenia or Bulgaria where the old diesels are exported.

Only electric cars in the Netherlands since 2030 (Amsterdam)

The adoption of the total blockade of petrol and diesel cars has already been announced also by the Netherlands, which has established the circulation of electric cars only in Amsterdam by 2030 and by France itself, which aims to achieve the objective of impact mobility zero by 2050.
Who is Holland? Holland is a geographical area of the Netherlands with the provinces of North Holland and South Holland which together have around 7,000,000 inhabitants, slightly more than Denmark.

Who is Denmark?

Let us not forget that Denmark (Danmark) is a small member state of the European Union (capital is Copenhagen) and the smallest and southernmost state of Scandinavia that does not belong to the Scandinavian peninsula. Denmark is a member of the Kingdom of Denmark (Danmarks Rige), along with the Faroe Islands and Greenland: they also enjoy a certain autonomy. How much are they? 5,707,251 inhabitants.

Who pollutes?

Two countries mainly, China and the US, are responsible for more than 40% of the worldโ€™s CO2 emissions.

With CO2 levels still on the rise, being able to track the global emissions hotspots is becoming more important than ever. Before the industrial revolution, levels of atmospheric CO2 were around 280 parts per million (ppm).

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