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Assoult with pepper spray

Pepper spray spatted on the face of random woman

Woman aggression…pepper spray spatted on face

A young lady of 23-year was subjected to assault with pepper spray in the inner Odense at night on Sunday.

pepper spray
pepper spray

Apparently this happens completely randomly, says guardian chief Steen Nyland, Funen Police.

The episode took place at 03.28 at Klingenberg in the inner Odense, where the young lady came walking.

But at the same time a car came running, but as it was passing her,

a window was rolled down, and a pepper spray spatted right in the face of the 23-year-old woman.

Subsequent video surveillance has revealed that it is a dark car,

but in addition, the police have not many other traces to go after.

We would love to hear from people in the nightlife who have attended the episode or who have been exposed to it themselves, says the guard officer.

And calls for witnesses to call in to Funen Police on telephone 114.

The assaulted young lady, on her open Facebook profile, herself put a search for a promise of bounty.

She writes among other things,

that it was a gray minor Skoda of older model,

where a person had his arm out and sprayed her with pepper spray.

Skodaen was accompanied by a black BMW. The information has not been confirmed by Police.

Pepper spray was legal in Denmark at the turn of the year.

But only on purchases through authorized dealers in country and only for use in one’s home, not in public space too.

Otherwise, it is still a violation of the law on weapons.

Remember also, other case similar happens in the last years in other country

we care more that don’t become a viral bad joke!!!

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