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Philippine nurses rejected to work in Finland

Philippine nurses recruited to work in Finland relocate at substantial personal cost but they may not always understand what they’ve signed up for, according to a recent Yle probe.

Some Philippine nurses hoping to practice their profession in Finland don’t have a clear insight into the accreditation system in Finland, Anndra Dumo, a Filipino nurse in Finland told APN.

Very often they are university graduates whose qualifications can earn them good positions in other parts of Europe; but that is not always the case in Finland. Which very often requires qualified nursing professionals to go back to school and earn Finnish practical nursing degrees before they can join the labour force.

The reality is that for many foreigners, who intended found a work without have any kind of Finnish school can be so much hard, for many important issues, one of this (essential for work in all job in Finland) is to speak Suomi!

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Some nurses have ended up paying middlemen exorbitant fees or signing Finnish-language employment contracts; that they do not completely understand in order to join the Finnish work market.

Nursing shortage set to worsen
Meanwhile, there are a few “rotten potatoes” among Finnish private health care providers; who may be willing to pay nurses a lower salary because their qualifications are not recognised in Finland; according to Päivi Kantanen from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Lauri Koponen from the Finnish Association of Private Care Providers; said that there are over 1,000 private healthcare providers in Finland facing a shortage of qualified nursing professionals.

He added that Finland would likely need more than 100,000 workers in the sector in the decades; ahead given the country’s ageing population and declining birth rate.

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