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Cathedral on fire, Paris
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Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

It ended in a huge black cloud. Notre-Dame, Paris cathedral, Gothic masterpiece and heritage of humanity, no longer exists. His spire, one of the symbols of the French capital, collapsed after being devoured by the flames in just over an hour. The Parisians are crying, politics has stopped, as President Emmanuel Macron has wished, who just tonight was supposed to announce major reforms live on TV. No one will forget this April 15, the first day of Holy Week celebrations. A firefighter was injured in operations to tame the fire.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

The iconic spire at the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has collapsed after a major fire broke out Monday. Video showed part of the roof of the cathedral collapsing into itself as the fire rages on. 

“Everything is burning, nothing will remain from the frame,” Notre Dame spokesperson Andre Finot told French media, according to the Associated Press. But Monday evening, Paris fire chief Jean-Claude Gallet told reporters he believes firefighters have managed to save the cathedral’s landmark rectangular towers from the blaze.

Cathedral on fire, Paris
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