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Viking Sky cruiser in Norway

Norway, Viking Sky cruiser, the end of a nightmare.

All people of viking cruiser are safe…

cruiser swing in the wave

The story of the Viking Sky

The 230-meter ship had left Tromso on the evening of March 21st and was headed to Stavanger. The SOS was launched on Saturday around 2pm after a three-engine failure made the ship ungovernable, at the mercy of wind at 38 knots and very high waves, 2.5 miles from the coast.

Trouble for Viking Sky cruiser

An airlift was activated to bring people to safety: five helicopters had to be used, with a capacity of 15-20 people each. Rescue operations were slow because the castaways had to be hoisted one at a time on helicopters in flight.

Helicopter rescue

In the end almost 500 people were transferred to the ground, while the others were left on board after the crew managed to restart the engines and the ship was able to leave.

Viking Sky cruiser landing finally

After 24 hours of fear the ship was able to arrive safely in the port of Molde, Norway

Viking Sky cruise
Viking landing

Viking Ocean cruise company say:

All passengers and crew members are safe, and guests will begin returning home tonight.

About 25 people were transferred to local hospitals, but for almost all passengers it was “a terrifying experience”, as they once told when they landed.

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