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Norway is the best country in the world for being women

Norway is the best country in the world to be a woman, Yemen the worst.

Norway is the best country in the world to be a woman, followed by Switzerland and Finland, while the last is Yemen, preceded by Afghanistan and Syria. The new edition of the Women, Peace and Security Index, established by the prestigious Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security in Washington, in collaboration with the Oslo Peace Research Institute, has established this.

Unicef and Save The Children: 120 million women in the world (one in 10) have been raped

This year’s report (Women, Peace and Security Index 2019) has an important innovation, with a greater number of countries being examined, 167 against the 153 in 2018, fourteen more. Among these, Libya, South Sudan and Hong Kong stand out, considered in its own right compared to China. An increasingly long list, with a growing sample that proportionately covers over 98% of the world population.

Child slave of extremist people

Hevrin Khalaf, killed the Kurdish paladin of women: massacred by pro-Turks

The index is also the photograph of the wealth, both economic and social, of the different regions of the world, with northern Europe dominating the upper part of the ranking, while Asia and especially Africa, especially the theaters of war, are in the queue. The top ten at the top sees: Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada and Estonia. These are the last ten: Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Mali, Libya, Sudan and Chad.

In Asia women crushed by violence and harassment, a culture difficult to eradicate

There are eleven indicators on the evaluation grid, all related to the female population, grouped into three items: inclusion (education, financial inclusion, employment, mobile phone use), justice (parliamentary representation, legal discrimination, preference for the sex of the unborn child, norms discriminatory) and security (private partner violence, community security, organized violence).

UN, for the first time a woman at the head of the AIDS program

Comparing the relationship with that of last year, it should be noted the improvement, albeit small in Italy: in 2018 our country was in 32nd place, while in 2019 it is at 28th. An incentive to advance even more.

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