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A chip under the skin that will replace the cash money

New era of cyborgs. The chip under the implant is installed a few millimeters from the epidermal surface, and is a technology that is going to be the most popular in Sweden.

Our society will probably become more and more interconnected in the future, and soon the concept of cash could also disappear in favor of payment systems executed through sub-chip chips. Experimentation has already started in Sweden, as the Scandinavian country is genuinely willing to abandon the use of cash.

The system is installed just a few millimeters from the surface of the leather and is a technology that is going to be the most popular in Sweden as over 80% of the capital’s shops only accept credit card payments. Taxis, municipal markets and some street kiosks on the streets of Stockholm also accept this new payment system.

Human-droid, woman with holographic technology in her arms

Sweden: here is a chip under the skin that will replace cash money

The Swedes seem to be happy with a system that can be easily controlled through an application on the smartphone, and even when credit cards are retired, it is above all compared to a population favorable to under-skin implants.

On a technical level the chip is of the RFID type, or Radio Frequency IDentification, which contains the personal information of the owner of the plant in order to identify it in case of need. Whoever wears one on himself would not even need to run around with the identification documents, since these instruments emit radio frequencies that can be recognized by other devices.

In Sweden, people with implants can enter the office or anywhere else without needing keys or cards, just as they can take vehicles without a ticket. But one day we will return to talking about microchip underskin and it will be the turn that issues such as bio hacking, health consequences and state control will emerge forcefully.

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