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City on fire

Multi-ethnic war in Denmark: 23 arrests. Media in silence

Is it possible that a provocative gesture triggers a multi-ethnic war?

We are in聽Denmark. Is it possible that a provocative gesture triggers a multi-ethnic war? Apparently yes. A book fallen to the ground. a Koran, sacred to someone, logically less important to others. A provocative gesture by Rasmus Paludan, lawyer and activist of a right-wing party, Stram Kurs, who has been fighting against mass immigration since his foundation. A gesture that could be criticized, certainly a little over the top.

But there is no trace of violence. That is what the “imported Danes” unleashed, putting the city on fire, burning 70 cars, destroying shop windows. Natural clashes with the police, who had to react in various ways, using tear gas and arresting 23 people.

Multi-ethnic war in Denmark

As it happens the place of this wonderful theater of peace between peoples is a multicultural neighborhood: N酶rrebro, in the capital Copenhagen, where one inhabitant out of 6 does not have a Danish passport. Nothing comparable to Malmoe or other communities in Sweden or Belgium, but let’s say that significant progress is being made.

In any case, Paludan wanted to repeat the gesture, but was stopped by the police who ordered him to avoid further provocation. Obviously, total silence on the media, which is silent on the matter. Will the case of Notre Dame concentrate all the attention? Perhaps.

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