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Ancient practice of Kulning – Jonna Jinton

Jonna Jinton Kulning

Jonna’s courageous choice; that from her blog shows the beauty of living in the rhythm of nature and engages in the ancient practice of Kulning.

Jonna Jinton Kulning practice:

Ancient pratice of Kulning used in history like lure for animals

Who has never felt the desire to abandon city life and move into nature, in a quiet and peaceful place, where to experience true peace of mind?

Sooner or later everyone has this feeling, someone in a quick and almost inconsistent way, others in a very intense way.

Ancient Herdingcall

But what is the kulning?

Kulning or herding calls is a domestic Scandinavian music form, often used to call livestock (cows, goats, etc.) down from high mountain pastures where they have been grazing during the day. It is possible that the sound also serves to scare away predators (wolves, bears, etc.), but this is not the main purpose of the call.

The song form is often used by women, as they were the ones tending the herds and flocks in the high mountain pastures, but there are recordings of these calls sung by men. The knowledge about it today originates, however, from regions near mid-Fennoscandia.

The song has a high-pitched vocal technique, i.e. a loud call using head tones, so that it can be heard or be used to communicate over long distances. It has a fascinating and haunting tone, often conveying a feeling of sadness, in large part because the lokks often include typical half-tones and quarter-tones (also known as “blue tones”) found in the music of the region.

jonna jinton kulning
Natural peace

In 2010, Jonna Jinton decided to give up her life of stress, anxiety and routine to move alone to Grundtjärn, a village 100km from Gothenburg with only 9 inhabitants in the wilderness of her country; Sweden, to live his new life.

“My ancestors have lived in this place for many generations. For me it’s a bit like coming home.

“Living in the midst of nature is the thing I’ve always wanted since I was a child. Living in the forest and enjoying silence is what makes me happy, and through my blog I want to pass on this passion I have to others and share the beauty of nature “.

The choice

At only 21 years of age he gave up his studies and a life he no longer felt to live the life he had always wanted:

“In the midst of nature and silence”

as she herself says in the short video posted on her Facebook page; where she tells the story entire route that took you where it is now.

“The secret of a truly happy life, ” says Jonna, “. Consists in the difficult ability to enjoy small things, to rejoice daily in the gifts of nature; like the blossoming of a flower or a winter sunset on the lake. To have the courage to make the choices that make us feel good; even at the expense of a normal life “.

As a blogger, one of the things that is often asked me is "How come you started with all this?" For as long as I can remember, I loved sharing my passions, my thoughts and points of view with others around me: NortherWorld added immense value to my life and I like to have the opportunity to share my passions and my wonders with my faithful readers. Explore my site and have fun.
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