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Win the consent the sovranian side anti wild immigration

In Finland “TRUE FINNS” first in polls

Every month in Finland a survey is carried out on the popularity of its political parties and also this month the anti-immigrant party of True Finns has seen its popularity rise enormously.

According to a survey carried out between October 2nd and November 5th and whose results were released last Thursday the popularity of the True Finns party rose 2.1% in the last month, leading the party to have 23% of the consents and stabilizing his position as the first party.

The interesting aspect of this survey is that the True Finns have stolen consent at the expense of social democrats, the center party and the National Coalition.

Specifically, the National Coalition is now the second party with 17.3% of the votes, while the Social Democrats have seen their consensus fall from 15.6% to 13.9% and are overtaken by the 14.2% greens.

The True Finns have seen their popularity increase in Helsinki and in small cities and to support the anti-immigrant party are the pensioners and the blue-collar workers, just the population that first voted on the left but now feels betrayed by it and has decided to support a sovereign party.

Jussi Halla aho

This increase in popularity, however, does not only affect the True Finns party but also its leader Jussi Alla-aho, who has seen his popularity increase from 14% in April to 24% today thus becoming the most popular Finnish politician.

To understand how important this data is, just think that the second most popular politician is Left Alliance leader Li Andersson with only 16% while the leaders of the other governing parties do not exceed 10%.

These data show that even in Finland the opposition to mass immigration is very strong and this is reflected in the political preferences that reward sovereign parties with all due respect to those who insist that these parties are in decline.

Obviously it is not true and not by chance this news has been censored because it would give a lot of discomfort to the left and the Vatican.

We obviously are not there and we have reported it because we believe that everyone has the right to know the truth.

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