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House of Finland

In Finland there is something different in these elections

In Finland, politicians have been able to move in peace with the citizens, but there is something different in these elections

european election
european election

The First Party Election Houses, were opened today in Narinkkator in Helsinki. This is a sure sign that the street campaigning in Parliamentary elections is starting to accelerate.

But before, candidates are seeking contact with voters, but this spring many people have been surprised by the atmosphere.

The parties from side to side tell us, that electoral harassment has risen to a new level in these parliamentary elections.

On wednesday

The same is confirmed by the police. On Wednesday, said that there had already been a number of disturbing cases against many parliamentarians in many localities.

Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland, wrote a blog post on Wednesday, calling for an electoral campaign for parliamentary elections.

House of Finland
House of Finland

“Threatening or violence in words or deeds does not belong to the Finnish electoral field,” he wrote.

The Helsinki City Council’s political groups also signed a statement on behalf of the electoral tribunal. “We are very concerned about the increase in harassment and even the threat of violence,” it says.

The harassment by the MPs is typically face-to-face and the electoral brawl, at worst of death threats, stumbling and violence. “I have been contacted by the candidates in cases, where there ha not been accessed, but the interaction is otherwise felt very threatening. In most cases, these have occurred in big cities, ”says Riikka Pirkkalainen, the party secretary of the center.

locked by security

The Police Board calls on the candidates and their support teams to inform the police of harassment and intimidation; Police Board also instructed police authorities, to pay special attention to the oversight of the public security of election events.

The most serious case has so far been in Korso last Sunday

When a big man, wearing Soldiers of Odin, tried to hit Foreign Minister Timo Soin. But Security officers were able to tear the disturbance into the ground.

The Lahti police are currently investigating a case

Lulu Ranne, the candidate for the basic Finns, was in Lahti in mid-March when he was campaigning for death threats.

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