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Google Maps is updated: two new futuristic features

For years now, Google Maps has dominated the market for apps and services related to transport and navigation.

Over 5 billion people, in fact, every day choose the Google app to move easily to every corner of the earth. With such a vast target, therefore, the Mountain View giant cannot in any way allow its services to lag behind its competitors. Precisely for this reason Google, in recent months, has undertaken a campaign of updates designed to completely renew the enormous work already done in recent years.
A few days ago, in fact, Google Maps updated its app by introducing two new features never seen before that have left their mark between the classic users and Local Guides. Let’s find out what’s new.

google map reality
Maps in augmented reality

Augmented reality: when digital meets reality

Augmented Reality, to be considered still in the test phase due to its poor stability, is by far one of the biggest innovations ever seen on Google Maps. As stated by the Italian Local Guides, in fact, once we have started a walking itinerary, we will be able to view, via the camera, the path to follow directly before our eyes thanks to some signals inserted by the app in the reality that surrounds us.

Icons for electric machine columns

The second feature has to do with charging stations for electric cars. On the map, therefore, new icons have been introduced that, once clicked, show some information about the selected column such as the charging power, the number of outlets and the cost.

Last update release of November

It’s no secret that Google is developing and testing the dark theme on Maps, its popular and popular map and navigation service, which in the last hours has been spotted more frequently.

The examples we have shown in the gallery at the end of the article show the Google Maps Dark Mode in action, characterized by a deep black color.

Dark mode of google maps, update of November 2019
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