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Gluten free, no thanks!

New studies highlight the health risks of the gluten-free diet for those who are not celiac.

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Choosing that foods in the absence of a diagnosed celiac disease increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases

Choosing gluten-free foods in the absence of a diagnosis of celiac disease ascertained.

The doctors

By specialized doctors is not advisable:

it can increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, and more generally can subtract noble nutrients to the diet.

Waiting for the world day of celiac disease, the appeals of the experts are multiplying to put a stop to the foolish and rampant fashion, to exclude gluten from the diet. There are references supported by scientific studies.


From analysis it emerged that,

bread has an average concentration of fat twice, that of the traditional one and a protein content 2 to 3 times lower.

For biscuits is similar:

More fat and less protein than normal ones, while for pasta, the one for celiacs has less protein than conventional for example.

All this can lead to dietary impoverishment and weight gain, acceptable risks if you are in the presence of a celiac disease, but unjustified in other cases.

Those who follow a gluten free diet are advised to read the labels well and choose foods with less fat

People who want to avoid gluten anyway are advised to read nutrition labels very well, trying to choose foods with less fat.

Among the requests addressed to companies there is the invitation to formulate new recipes, also exploiting alternative raw materials such as buckwheat, potato starch and amaranth.

Because we must consider the obesity risk especially for children, forced to follow a gluten free diet for life, attracted by more caloric foods such as breakfast cereals and biscuits.

That gluten free foods can lead to health risks and is also demonstrated, this time published in the British Medical Journal by nutritionists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

The researchers

Examined data from nearly 100,000 men and women who had participated in two large studies with many elements referring to a period of 26 years.

The authors saw that the consumption of gluten is in no way, associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, anyway the consumption of gluten free foods can be, even if only for the removal from the diet of fibers, effective agents of cardiovascular prevention.

Result: the adoption of a gluten-free diet is not recommended for all those who have no real need.

According to the latest estimates celiacs are about one percent of the population, a stable percentage for many decades, as opposed to the consumption of gluten-free foods, in constant growth.

Eat gluten free if you don't need... is not good for your healty!
Eat gluten free if you don’t need… and is not good for your healty!
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