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Disappointing figures for fruit and vegetable consumption

The Helsedirektoratet, the Norwegian Institute for Health, issues a report every year

His investigations show that people living in Norway are consuming less fruit and vegetables than in the past. Nutritionists believe this should change.

The annual study shows that the amount of fruit consumed per capita has decreased by as much as 2.1 kg in just one year, ie from 2017 to 2018. In 2018, in the country, on average, 86.6 kg of fruit were consumed.
The quantity of vegetables consumed also decreased by 1.7 kg per capita, from 79.6 kg in 2017 to 77.9 kg in 2018.

Catherine Borchsenius is a clinical nutritionist and writes for the Norwegian health and wellness website Bramat. “These are disappointing numbers. I have been working as a nutritionist for years and I have noticed that people are increasingly concerned about their nutrition and health”

Fruits and vegetables market

“However, people also focus more on what they should not eat. Many, therefore, develop anxieties about what is best to eat. They feel bad if they do not eat healthily or well as they think they should.”

You need to eat more fruits and vegetables

Jøran Hjelmesæth is the president of the Norwegian National Nutrition Council. He also runs a treatment program for morbid obesity at a hospital in Vestfold. According to him: “We have noticed a decrease in the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Therefore there is a long way to go”. In 2008, in Norway there was an average average per capita consumption of 93 kg of fruit.

Less sugar, meat and fish

Norwegians are not only consuming less fruit and vegetables. In 2018 they also consumed less sugar, meat and fish. The amount of sugar has decreased by 1.7 kg per capita. Meat consumption decreased by 1.6 kg and fish consumption by 0.7 kg.
The Helsedirektoratet believes that the decline in the consumption of sugar and meat is a good thing. However, in addition to increased consumption of fruit and vegetables, it also recommends eating more fish.

The potatoes are coming back in vogue

Surprising statistics show that potato consumption has increased by around 4%. “The bad reputation of potatoes is undeserved. Many believe that these tubers have a limited nutritional value. It is true that they have a low energy content – concludes Hjelmesæth – but they contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals”.
Perhaps because potatoes cost much less than fruit and vegetables (much of which is imported) and Norwegians take care of their wallets.

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