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Found in the ice The wolf-dog lived thousand years ago

Dogor, found in Eastern Siberia, near the Indigirka river

Is the discovery of researchers from the Paleogenetics Center of the University of Stockholm. It is a puppy who died about 18 thousand years ago and is perfectly preserved.

It is not known whether it is a dog or a wolf but with high probability it is one of the ancestors of one of the two species. DNA analysis did not lead to certain results.

On the official Twitter profile, the Center of Paleogenetics wrote: ยซGenome analyzes show that it is a male. We asked our Russian colleagues to name him โ€ฆ And the puppy’s name is Dogor! Dogor is a Yakutian word for “friend” that seems very suitable “

The region in Siberia and prehistoric settlements

Research has shown that humans settled in the northern part of Russia some 32,500 years ago. Furthermore, these humans domesticated dogs from wolves between 10,000 to 40,000 years ago. So, this means that Dogor could have been anything from a domesticated home dog to a ravenous wolf, or something in between.

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