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judge sexual abuse crime

Judgment on Sexual Crimes – Victim Under 10 years old

The judge will appeal. He still denies the acts. Sexual abuse

judge sexual abuse crime
judge sexual crime

The District Court of Oulu has issued the first judgment on suspected sexual offenses in Oulu. 44-year-old Muso Asoev has been convicted of gross child sexual abuse and gross rape for three years and eight months of imprisonment.

The District Court found that the punishment was increased by the child’s feeling of special trust in the author. It was a girl under 10 years old.

In addition, Asoev is obliged to pay the victim EUR 9,500 for the pain he has suffered and EUR 1,500 for pain, pain and other temporary harm.

The action has taken place last summer and autumn.

The convicted man had no previous criminal background.

Meeri Luolavirta , Defense Attorney , says that his principal is going to appeal the sentence in its entirety. The principal continues to deny all the acts.

Prosecutor Essi Kanniainen believes that the judgment is justified. However, the prosecutor is still considering whether to complain about the decision.

Suspected sexual offenses in Oulu

The trial has attracted attention in the media, as it is the first conviction for a lot of publicly accused sex offenses in Oulu.

Cases were raised at the end of last year, when the police said they were suspicious of a child abused by eight men for several months in Oulu. There are a number of criminal offenses involved in the case; one man is also suspected of buying sexual services from a young person.

Earlier this month, the Oulu police have been investigating 29 criminal offenses suspected of serious sexual abuse against minors. The suspects have both Finnish and foreign suspects. The judgment now given is one of these, and it is not a matter of multiplicity of suspicion.

In some of Oulu’s sexual suspects, contact has been through the Internet, and some of the suspects and victims have known each other before.

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