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Eco mobility: recyclable, full speed towards 750 kilometers

The particular conformation of the cycle paths allows commuters to reach even 19 Km / h

Bike like sport but also is relaxing

Denmark has begun to promote sustainable mobility with the realization of the first cycle superhighways in 2008, when some surveys have revealed an interest in the population to deal with long distance routes crossing more common areas.

From today, at over 10 years ago, there are over 160 km of super-recyclables, with the objective of the Capital Region of Denmark reaching 750 km by 2045, which will allow commuters to move from one city to another at full speed.

The Capital Region of Denmark, which corresponds to our metropolitan cities, has released a new report on the evolution of supercycles, a document which lists all the benefits and advantages of the new network of fast routes.

The expansion of the network of cycle paths also benefits other non-bikers: roads with less cars and less crowded public transport are just some of the immediate results of the increase in the modal share of bike rides; not to mention the benefits of physical activity. The largest number of cyclists recorded on a weekly day, based on the meters installed along the routes, is 29,000 people. Considering the time span of 2010-2018, the number of cyclists in Denmark has increased by 68%, while 26% of users previously moved by car.

Cycle highway in Copehagen also look at modern, safety and beauty.

Among the other data present in the Danish report it is interesting to point out that the average speed recorded on these superciclables is equal to 19 km / h, a sign that the particular conformation of the infrastructure allows to reach even higher speeds thanks to the reduction of intersections with roads vehicles, in addition to the almost absence of obstacles or elements that would slow down the cruising speed of bicycles.

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