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Denmark the third worst country for making friends abroad

Denmark is the third worst country for making friends abroad.

Some 36% cite the problem, with nearly a fifth saying it is acute

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other country

Denmark is the third worst country for making friends abroad, according to InterNations, the global networking platform for internationals working abroad – and it is impacting on the general happiness of internationals working here.

Some 36% of the expats in Denmark say they have difficulty making friends.

Both with fellow internationals and locals.

A problem that is also widespread in Sweden 51%, Finland 37% and Norway 34%.

Almost a fifth of the expats in Denmark said it was an acute problem, with 18% agreeing that “it could not be any harder”. Only Sweden had a higher percentage with 19 – the worst in the 68-country ‘Expat Insider’ survey.

Some country

Kuwait the worst, Mexico the best;

Sweden was not the worst country for making friends, Kuwait was. It propped up a bottom ten followed by Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria and Estonia.

Meanwhile, the top ten were Mexico, Bahrain, Serbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uganda, Colombia, Taiwan, Israel, and Portugal.

For a country to be featured, it must have a sample size in excess of 75 survey participants. In total there were over 18,000 respondents.


18% of expats unhappy in Denmark
The ease of making friends would appear to impact the overall happiness of internationals living in the Nordic countries.

Compared to a global average of 11%, 18% of internationals in Danes said they were not happy with their life in general.

The percentage is worse than Norway 15% and Finland 16%, but a long way behind Sweden 26%.

Denmark is the third worst country for making friends abroad

solitude people
solitude people

With its longer winter nights, colder conditions and long-distance travel times, Sweden would appear to be the most effective at making its internationals miserable.

Because, the people, when choice to go at the adventure, for search a better life or simply for study abroad, must think to start to fight with the solitude too.

The best raccomandation is… change your mind and accept the culture where you go to live.

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