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Street bicycle in Norway

Cycle tracks and low speed

One death on the roads of Oslo, the safest capital in European countries

In all of Norway, no victims under the age of 16 in the last year, in which there are 110 deaths across the country. 2017 is the best year, with the minimum number of deaths per million inhabitants.

Oslo is the safest capital for motorists: in the Norwegian city, in 2019, only one person died as a result of a traffic accident . And for the first time in the year that ends, not even a 16 year old has died on the streets. However, there are more victims in the rest of the country: 110 against 108 in 2018, These are the data reported in the local newspaper Aftenposten.

Bicycle in Norway

Reduced speed and safer cars

The Vision Zero plan drastically reduced road mortality in the capital, which has 673 thousand inhabitants, which provides for a reduction in speed and an increase in safety measures for cars. In Oslo in particular, the city administration has introduced severe restrictions on areas open to cars, in particular in the central areas of the city, and has improved the network of cycle paths by encouraging citizens to replace four-wheelers with bicycles when traveling in city.

The numbers of the victims on the roads

And the results can be seen. In the past 50 years the number of deaths on the asphalt has dropped dramatically, from 41 victims in 1975, to the only one last year. In the middle, the deaths were between 20 and 30 in the 1980s and 1990s, falling below 10 after 2003. As for the budget in the whole country, the least deaths in Norway were recorded in 2017, with 20 accidents per million inhabitants. Transportation manager Ingrid Dahl Hovland said, however, that the month of December was particularly negative, with 14 deaths on the roads across the nation, double that of December 2018.

The comparison with London

The Independent points out that 126 people died on the streets of London in 2019, 22 more than in 2018. However, the United Kingdom is considered to be one of the countries with the safest roads in Europe, with a number 30 deaths per million inhabitants. The countries where most people die on the roads are Bulgaria and Romania, with an average of 90 deaths per million inhabitants.

For bicycle lovers

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