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Christian attacked by Muslims: “convert to Islam or die”

“convert to Islam or die”: a Christian tells of the aggression suffered in the streets of Norway.

Roar Flottum said he was attacked in the street by four Muslim men in TrondheimNorway on November 27th. He was subsequently held hostage where he suffered injuries and death threats if he had not converted to Islam.

The man used to evangelize and pray for people on his way and, on that day, having left the church, he came across those ill-intentioned people who took advantage of his good faith by deception.

Roar Flottum was approached by four Muslim men who requested a prayer for their back pain. The man politely offered to pray and the four, claiming to be better, invited him to pray for wounded friends, taking him to the house where he would be subjected to violence.

“I trusted them. They took me to a courtyard. They were very kind and I couldn’t believe they were deceiving me.” These are the words of the victim who, after being pushed down the stairs, was kicked in the face. And he added: “While they were watching me in a cellar, they threatened me and said they would kill me if I didn’t convert to Islam. They wanted me to say a few words in Arabic. I was afraid and I really thought they would kill me because they had a knife and they didn’t want witnesses ยป.

Hold hostage by violence by his attackers for an hour, Roar was subsequently released. Despite their threats, he immediately went to the police station. An investigation is now underway and the police are analyzing the video surveillance cameras to find the culprits.

Roar, for his part, stated that he does not intend to stop and will continue his mission, namely to bring the message of God’s love.

The assault on Christians, usually seen from afar, takes place in neighboring Norway, in that Europe which is often faced with isolated terrorist attacks, such as the one that happened recently in London. The case of Trondheim teaches that evil is never too far away, rather it approaches quickly and seems to be too undervalued.

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