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The EU Parliament declares the climate emergency

Go ahead for the resolution in Strasbourg

STRASBOURG – The European Parliament has declared the climatic and environmental emergency in Europe and in the world, giving the green light to a non-legislative resolution. The European Parliament thus re-launches the challenge to the future European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen who for her part announced that she will put a new green agenda on the table within the first 100 days. The text passed with 429 votes in favor, 225 against and 19 abstentions.

In view of COP25, the United Nations Conference on climate change to be held from 2 to 13 December in Madrid, Parliament today approved this resolution, asking the Commission to ensure that all relevant legislative and budgetary proposals are fully in line with the aim of limiting global warming below 1.5 degrees.


In another resolution, the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg calls for greater cuts in CO2 emissions with the increase from 40% to 55% of the objectives already to 2030. The text of the resolution on the conference of the parties on climate (Cop25) in program in Madrid from next Monday has passed with 430 votes in favor, 190 against and 34 abstentions.

Parliament urges the EU to present to the United Nations Convention on climate change a strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest. MEPs also ask new European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to include in the European Green Deal a target of 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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