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Children go to school by bike even with minus 17 degrees

In Oulu, a Finnish city, children go to school on bicycles even when the temperature is below 17 degrees.

Thanks to the equipped cycle paths and the right infrastructures: this is witnessed by a photo on Twitter by Pekka Tahkola, urban wellness engineer and coordinator of the cycling activity for the city of Oulu.

Child go in bycycle with snow

The first colds arrive and the exits to the park thin out, in the kindergarten you don’t play anymore in the garden, the windows of the house are opened less not to take blows of air and the walks in the open air seem a memory. But are we really convinced that cold hurts children?

The Finns are not of the same idea โ€ฆ

In Oulu, a Finnish city, winter cycling is perfectly possible with the right planning and the right infrastructure.

As stated by the Boredpanda website, Pekka Tahkola, engineer of urban well-being of Navico Ltd. and coordinator of the cycling activity for the city of Oulu, published a photo of the bike parking at a comprehensive school of the city (called Metsokangas), while this one was covered with snow and the temperature outside was at 17 ยฐ C below zero. This is to show that, regardless of weather conditions, nothing in Oulu keeps children away from their bikes.

With the photo, Tahkola wanted to show that, even though it may seem strange to some parents to let their children ride a bike with minus 17 degrees, exposed to the freezing cold of a Northern winter, in Finland it is, in fact, a normal fact and also healthy. Children go to school with bikes when there is snow and this can be a warning not to have an excessive and unreasonable fear of the cold.

Pekka, which organizes winter cycling masterclasses and tours focused on intelligent mobility, told the MNN website, which deals with environment: “We organized a study tour for students from southern Finland to show how to get there by bike to school with snow in our city. We also visited other schools and talked a lot with teachers and principals. I’m sure our school is among the best. It is not the only one, there are numerous schools in Oulu where most children ride to school ยป.

Pekka’s post has been around the web and many from various parts of the world, in response, have complained that in their countries there are no infrastructure and cycle paths like those in Oulu. Takhola admitted that not all schools in Finland are so progressive.


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