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Chance of Norther Lights tomorrow

Saturday night there may be the opportunity to see the norther lights in parts of Denmark.

Aurora borealis in Artic – timelapse exposure

The beautiful norther lights, aurora borealis, is a rare guest in the Danish night sky.

But Saturday night, in parts of the country, it is possible to get a glimpse of the colored glow over the dark sky.

Michael Linden-Vรธrnle, who is astrophysicist at DTU Space, explains that it is “outbreak on the sun” that has triggered a reaction that can create the opportunity to see the northern lights in Denmark.

– There have been some outbreaks of the sun in the last 24 hours, and the outbreaks have sent a cloud of electrically charged particles to the ground. This may mean that we will have the opportunity to see the northern lights here in Denmark during the weekend, says Michael Linden-Vรธrnle, astrophysicist at DTU Space.

Norther lights

Northern lights are formed when electrically charged particles from solar storms hit the Earth’s atmosphere. It makes the air molecules shine, and that is what we see as the northern lights. Due to the electric charge of the particles, they gather at the poles of the earth.

Effect of Aurora in the sky

You can follow the Northern light activity in LIVE here:

Best before the moon rises

Immediately, it seems that there will be the best opportunity to spot the Northern Lights from Saturday evening to midnight, he adds.

Around 22 o’clock before the moon rises, there is the best option. If the weather happens, then the opportunity may arise, says Michael Linden-Vรธrnle, who will also be watching the light to the north tomorrow night.

He explains that the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are greatest in those parts of the country where there will be relatively cloudless conditions. According to the weather forecasts, it seems that in the northern and eastern parts of Denmark, there may be potential for northern lights.

To the weakest degree, it will just be a faint glow in the north, but if it becomes more extreme then it will be undulating curtains that move across the sky,” says the astrophysicist.

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