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Cycle tracks and low speed

One death on the roads of Oslo, the safest capital in European countries In all of Norway, no victims under the age of 16 in the last year, in which there are 110 deaths across the country. 2017 is the…

Integration, costs billions and only works half the time

According to the recent report by the Norwegian statistical center, the expensive ten-year ‘insertion plan’ would have managed to integrate only half of the migrants into the labor market in the Scandinavian country. On the other hand, in an unsatisfactory way….

Christian attacked by Muslims: “convert to Islam or die”

“convert to Islam or die”: a Christian tells of the aggression suffered in the streets of Norway. Roar Flottum said he was attacked in the street by four Muslim men in Trondheim, Norway on November 27th. He was subsequently held hostage where he suffered injuries…