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A politician was transporting migrants to Sweden for money

A Swedish politician from Syria was arrested on charges of human trafficking after a hidden camera interview was released last October

The video, taken with the help of the hidden camera, shows how the former politician of the southern Swedish city of Ljungby, the twenty-seven year old Dashad Alasaad boasts of the fact that he had the opportunity to bring people into Sweden by receiving cash prizes. The man in question was arrested by ten undercover police officers in an operation carried out Wednesday morning.

“The person was arrested for questioning and later arrested. He has the right to an ex-officio defender, currently his search is underway, ”said police spokesman Ewa-Gun Westford.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen filmed Alasaad with a hidden camera during a conversation about how he managed to bring people illegally to Sweden for payment, after entering the country via a smuggling route for illegal immigrants and offering to help transport a child from Greece in Sweden.

“I sent my whole family out. I have helped many people. It’s not difficult at all, ”said Alasaad in front of the camera. The former politician also said that the reason he deals with trafficking illegal immigrants is money. “Honestly, the main reason is money. I want money, “he said.

Dashad Alasaad

The Swedish border police started a preliminary investigation after the video was released. Alasaad initially denied the accusations, but by comparing the issue of the prices set for his services (20,000 Swedish crowns – around 1,900 euros – per child and 30,000 crowns – 2,860 euros per adult), he admitted that the price list was authentic.

He also reportedly ordered commercials on Facebook with a fake name that proposed to smuggle migrants from Greece to Sweden using “loaned” passports.

“Only for those who are in Greece. Syrian passports for sale with Swedish residence permit. Only for those who look like passport holders, “he would have written on Facebook.

Alasaad left his post after the video was released. He had started working for the city council after being elected to the ranks of the Social Democratic Party, mostly in the Swedish parliament.
The man also reportedly worked for the country’s social security services, as well as the state pension fund before running for the Ljungby city council.


  • With a hidden camera, Expressen reveals the 27 year old Social Democrat communist politician Rashad Alasaad as a refugee trafficker.
  • Under a false name, he advertised on Facebook this summer and offered to smuggle refugees from Greece to Sweden with the help of borrowed passports.

Your rate: SEK 30,000 per adult and 20,000 per child.

  • Filmed during a meeting in Crete when he arrives there to pick up a four-year-old boy who he will smuggle into Sweden. He boasts that it is easy to smuggle young children and that he has illegally brought many refugees to Sweden.

When Expressen confronts him with the film at home in Sweden, Rashad Alasaad confirms that it is he and says that he should immediately abandon all his political positions.

Law enforcement officers are currently tasked with finding out whether trafficking in human beings was even greater.

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