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Sweden, collapse is reality, what’s the reason?

In the dominant narrative, that is progressive and pro-European, Sweden would be the highest degree of civilization, of reason, of the Enlightenment. An inclusive, happy and “open minded” society

Things are not like this. Under the brilliant patina of the Swedish model, a void opens up of solitudes, violence, addictions, manipulation. Sweden is “The empire of good” of which he wrote Philippe Muray, with all the failures that it entails.

The Scandinavian country is the object of veneration for its penal system, aimed at inserting the condemned, at alternative penalties and capable, thanks to the amalgamation with a generous welfare, of reducing crime rates to almost zero.

Like all legends, this one also clashes with reality. As emerges from the Swedish Crime Survey, Sweden has for years recorded an exponential increase in crimes, especially murders, robberies and sexual violence.

Rude tratment with women

In 2014, the crimes reported to the police forces increased by 70% compared to the previous year. The phenomenon of gangs has increased alarmingly, due to which the number of shootings is higher than in Germany and Norway. As reported by the Republic: “In Sweden the homicide rate is 1.12 per hundred thousand inhabitants, that is slightly higher than the Danish one and comparable to that in the United Kingdom”.

The gangs of criminals don’t just go to war with each other, but they often attack police stations and police patrols, an inefficient police that only solves 25% of the shootings against 90% of Germany. Gunfights are concentrated mainly in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmรถ. Three large urban centers with often burning suburbs.

However, the most alarming figures concern sexual violence. In the most “pink” country in the world, 46% of Swedish women were physically abused and 81% were victims of harassment. The European Union Agency for Fundamental Right crowns Sweden as the world capital of rapes for 2014. Nine years ago, feminist Sweden was “only” the second country for rape, about 53.2 per hundred thousand inhabitants. Arriving at 6700 in 2016.

In 2017 there were 7370 cases. The crimes are concentrated, also in this case, in the main cities which, incidentally, are also those where the largest number of immigrants is concentrated. There are no official statistics on this, Sweden prohibits surveys based on geographical and ethnic origin.

However, there is a study by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, which establishes a greater propensity to rape North African, Iraqi and Sub-Saharan groups. The intellectual James Traub has denounced this state of affairs on Foreign Policy, also hurling himself against the suffocating politically correct that comes to deny the violence.

Sexual violence

The Swedish integration model, based on a universalistic social state and on anti-discrimination laws, has collapsed, a failure across the board. In April 2017, an ISIS member struck Stockholm, leaving five dead, including a child. As proof of the religious and non-social reasons of Islamic terrorism. Swedish multiculturalism does not link locals and foreigners.

In the name of a misunderstood cultural relativism, immigrants are allowed to reproduce their social organizations on the national territory. By allowing immigrants to close in free zones, the distrust and hostility towards the host society increases and contributes to marginalize them.

Another symptom of Swedish malaise is the endemic spread of drugs. According to the 2017 data from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Sweden is the second European nation to die from an overdose. 100 deaths per million inhabitants. Despite the heavy social assistance system, the Scandinavian country does not invest in the recovery and reintegration of drug addicts.

The high social and educational competitiveness pushes the younger ones into the whirlpool of drugs. There is also an impressive number of eating disorders, depression and above all gender identity disorders.

In Sweden, sex is the subject of a real form of social engineering, based on the controversial Theory of Gender. The State has launched a pedagogical program to eradicate gender bias and, in fact, build individuals without sexual identity. In 2012, the neutral pronoun “hen” was coined to address “uncertain” children and adolescents about their sexuality.

The monogamous and heterosexual family is also in decline. More and more Swedes live and die alone. Erik Gandini, in his book The Swedish theory of love explains how Sweden has slipped towards a post-family and family model. The presence of an extended welfare system makes the need for a family superfluous and medically assisted fertilization makes a partner useless.

The Swedish Church is also undergoing a profound crisis. It is, literally, on the verge of extinction. The churches are empty, the population declares itself in the majority atheist. The end of Christianity will not mark the end of religion.

The massive presence of Muslim immigrants is Islamizing the nation; Qatar takes advantage of Swedish tolerance to finance new mosques and form new Salafist trend imams. The increase in the Islamic presence goes hand in hand with the growth of anti-Semitism, which is joined with the anti-Zionism of a left that has ruled the country for seventy years and which has embraced the Palestinian victimology.

The Swedish state closely resembles Aldous Leonard Huxley’s Brave New World, where consensus is extorted from a political-media complex that employs politically correct censorship and soft manipulation to impose the multicultural and globalist utopia. In seven decades, the Swedish Social Democrats, the “new totalitarians”, have built a pervasive and suffocating social state.

Sweden is the laboratory of a gigantic experiment, which uses social engineering to build the new global man, devoid of national and sexual identity. After decades of political-cultural domination of the left, the “ideal” Swedish citizen is alone, alienated, asexual, conformist and blinded. A state of affairs that not even the advance of the nationalist right of Jimmie Akesson manages to change.

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