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Month: January 2020

Sweden is lost, the government is no longer in control

Last week in Stockholm there has been the biggest explosion in Sweden of this type so far, and only by chance have there been no deaths โ€œUnfortunately this government has lost control of what is happening in Sweden. Now in…

From Sweden, pizza Margherita with kiwis, the net rebels

It has been called an “abomination against nature”, but there are those who say they are willing to try it. The creator assures: ยซIt’s goodยป De gustobus non est disputandum , recited an ancient Latin adage. However, those who thought…

Lifestyles from northern Europe, Hygge and Kalsarikรคnnit

It is a real life philosophy from Denmark and Finland that is re-teaching the whole world to decompress the accumulated stress. Numerous studies and dedicated “manuals” The new lifestyles that are depopulating in Europe come from Denmark and Finland respectively….